Friday, November 1, 2013

Revisiting Fly Bee Night

Today I wanted to have another look at my one and only woodcut which I made a couple of years ago in a one day “off campus” workshop with the very excellent Leicester Print Workshop.

In just one day it was quite a challenge to get the block cut once, printed, cut again for the second colour then printed again. As with all group workshops there were the usual waits to use the equipment which, combined with my uncertainty of how to go about it all,  slowed me up a good deal. If I had known what I was doing I would have concentrated on making more prints of the first colour, but I did want to see if and how a reduction print worked so galloped on. I ended up with only two reasonable 2 colour prints and three with just one colour.

My only two finished prints, one was too pale.

bg fly bee night  g 
The one good print “Fly Bee Night” approx A3  14” x17 “

Being a workshop away from their print studio, it had to be an unfussy process, which was great, using basic materials, B&Q cheap plywood and the back of a spoon to burnish. I have to admit I was rather surprised with the result. It was my first introduction to Japanese Kozo paper too and that was a revelation.

So today, as I still have the final plate of the black image, I made a quick impression  to see what exactly it looks like alone and what I can do with it.

The new impression on the left, a print of the old, first colour to the right and the plywood plate underneath.

If I can get the registration right I can complete the other three single colour prints or I can cut another plate for a background.
I think its worth persevering and experimenting with.

There will be cards …soon…

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