Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sketch Portrait to Print

I made a few sketches of heads last week. I find them fascinating because they are not “portraits” of anyone in particular so they have their own character.

I found this one interesting and wanted to make a print, my first go at a human head. It fits in with some work I am considering, which will return me to my roots, to stories and things I really want to explore.

bg p1

I made a couple of quick black and white versions based on the sketch, to try and consider the lights and darks.


You could spend hours making decisions about what to cut and what not to cut. It’s a cause for anxiety because once you have cut away there is no going back. I am finding the best thing is just to get on with it and see what emerges. It can lead you into something quite different.


A couple of first proofs


First proof of Print 6 x 6 inches.

I am constantly surprised by the results.I may cut away more and more, printing as I go,  to see what happens and how it changes. It’s fascinating… and a bit obsessive!

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