Thursday, November 7, 2013

First Steps of Vinyl Berry Print

Yesterday I was painting berries and thought a simple lino cut of a berry would be a good subject to try on a piece of vinyl I have. It will also be good practice for reduction printing, which involves getting some sort of registration sorted out and for trying some more papers.

There was not much drawing involved so I drew directly on to the vinyl and cut the first highlights.

Block and a first proof taken.

They are on my rough-and-ready registration plate, made with bits of card on a piece of hardboard. It’s adapted from the plate I used for the big bees. It’s not wildly accurate but will do for now.

Some prints of the twelve I made of the first plate, in two different colourways.

It’s impossible to know how many you may need to get just one precious perfect completed print. Print more than you think you will need…lots more.  Once you start to cut the plate again there is no going back.


More vinyl cut away for the second colour. It’s slippery. My finger tips are getting progressively more shredded,  there is blood everywhere..but I guess I will learn!

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