Monday, November 11, 2013

Berry Prints : Small Worlds

A few more prints of the berry.The final colours, numbers 3 and 4.  This final cut was based on my Sloe Globe drawings over at Pencilandleaf . The patterns on the sloes fascinate me. I have only added the coloured stalk to 2 of them so far. I have tried to be methodical and disciplined with these prints and almost all of them have worked OK.


Looking at them now there are quite a few things I would change. But I am rather pleased that the registration system worked Ok. The mask to isolate the sphere worked too but was a bit fiddly.. They vary in colour as I tried different combination of tones and the print quality varies so much with different papers and different inking. It is very interesting and a good learning process.
I think I could have achieved more translucence with oil colours and a medium but these are fine for now. I resisted the temptation to paint the stalks in.  I just inked up a little of the block at the base.


More berries with the cut-away print in the middle there. I made 12 prints. If I had taken a bit more care they would all have been OK. Lessons learnt.

image image

Blue and Red Berry Worlds, 4 & 5 colour reduction print. Image 6 x6 inches

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