Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pig in Jacket:Vinyl Reduction

So here is the pig again, this time a tiny vinyl block just 3 inches square. I am planning a reduction print of 4colours. And wanted it to be quite simple.

image image
Drawing on the Vinyl
I had roughly thought about the colours and jotted them down. I then went over the main lines with felt tip, because the pencil will disappear, and starting to cut away for the areas that will remain white.

I made a simple registration plate and started the first colour.

Pink for ears, nose jacket collar and trotter.


I am trying to print quite a few  because this will be a reduction and I am finding my success rate is a bit low.


Third and fourth colours were varied both in success and in colour. The more times you print the more the chance for errors.

Four colours, which I think is probably a little too many for something this size.

Four colours, the red colour printed through a mask: Very fiddly.
The images are 3 inches square

I hope to get 10 useable prints in all which is not too bad! It has taken two days in all. I am sure I will get quicker!

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