Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Devil and his Toenail. First try at an acetate Drypoint.

My first try at drypoint etching/engraving on plastic/acetate film. I am not talking about rigid perspex, just flexible acetate. I had not realised this was possible but my friend Sue has tried it and I was impressed.
In theory it’s easy, you just scratch into the surface of the plastic with something sharp, ink it up and print.

The Sketch

I am not quite finished with my exciting Grafham  fossils and wanted to try this technique with some of them. I had been going to try just the shell but thought I might add a devil in some way.


Image  4 inches square


My sketchbook notes, the plastic plate after printing and the needle.

I found it very difficult to see where I had made the marks on the plastic and have not found a way of making this easier. I also found the graver slipped at odd angles but I think that is just operator error and there are definite possibilities as and when I improve.

I needed several tries to get the inking and press pressure even remotely right


First acetate Drypoint … I quite liked it so have decided to make a small set to get some practice. There are possibilities!

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