Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Found A Crinoid

On Monday I went to a different part of the reservoir just to see if I could find any other fossils. Within 5 minutes, in amongst the shore line shingle, I had found a tiny piece of a Crinoid Stem. On Sunday I had written about them over at P&L because I knew they could be found here but I was not really expecting to see one. I was amazed to find it. It is TINY and my eyesight not that good. I then spent the next two hours not finding much else.

crinoid-2  crionoid-stem-bg


I do like to see a thing,or have a thing, or even a bit of a thing, in my hand before I draw it. It’s to do with authenticity and understanding.
So I am delighted to have this and I can now give myself permission to make a crinoid print which will complete my planned four.


First proofs.


Block and print after second cut


Crinoid proof .. reduction lino 6” x 4”

More … yet more, to come!

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