Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Small Frog “book”.

In order to try some book forms I have been using some old prints. It’s not really a book but a folded print  contained in two stuff covers.

It amazes me how much can go wrong with such a simple exercise. Very accurate measuring and cutting is essential but without a proper guillotine its tricky but I am improving.  The covers are simple thin card covered with an old frog print with a few additions



frog booklet 1

It does stand up.

back and front 

Front and back

front and back

Opened out

open frog

The frog print unfolded.

It was a good exercise but it needs a bit more attention. The back of the print needs  printing.It needs a fastener and you would have to keep the back of the print in mind when printing to make it acceptable but it’s a neat way to present a print…..if you don’t mind the print being folded!!

These folded forms are very nice for presenting a small amount of information. Something I am thinking about.


  1. Maybe the print(s) could work with the folds - like 6 little prints. To what end, I have no idea!

  2. Hi Katy. many belated thanks for your comment. I have not been able to get this blog to receive my replies for some reason.. Mad! But yes its a very neat format and great for maps or info or as you say for 6 little pints which could tell a story or just illustrate a poem or something??? let me know if you make one! Val