Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Nadder Print.

I’m working on a lino cut this week and also trying to tie up all sorts of odds and ends that I have started in the last three months. Leaving things unfinished is a bad habit of mine as I rush on to the next exciting thing.

So, for this, it’s back to the adders.The old name was in fact a nadder but the “a” because attached.
I had got as far as some rough ideas a week ago.


And now I am just resolving one design. I’m working a little bit larger now and this one will be approx 11.75 x 9.5 inches. It needed some more working out and so I started with a rough and a tonal value sketch. I’ve reversed the image and redrawn the coils.

Re draw from first rough.

Tonal sketches for the adder lino.


Two colour ideas for 3 col reduction. It will probably be very different in the end, but it’s a start.

…and starting to cut the block

carving-the-block-1 .

This is a vinyl block and I hope it will be a three colour reduction print. It may be less or more depending on how things go.

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